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Remix - Fine Edge

It’s undeniable. The circular anodized aluminum handle is the focus of the Remix’s minimal design. As lightweight as it is tough, this folding clip knife has a corrosion resistant fine-edge blade that opens with one hand. The handle’s o-ring provides stability and grip while cutting.

Item # 22-41968
  • Blade Length: 7.4 cm
  • Overall Length: 18.7 cm
  • Closed Length: 11.3 cm
  • Width Closed: 1.4 cm
  • Weight: 119 g
  • Handle: Aluminum


  • Lightweight but strong
  • One-hand opening
  • Anodized Aluminum Handle
  • Corrosion Resistant
5 Your Title Troberg - MAY 19, 2015

I have two of them, and I love them. No matter how cold, wet, hurt, bloody or otherwise not at full grip capacity you are, the finger hole will make sure you don't slip.

The blade is wide and sturdy, and can take some abuse. In my opinion, it's the best pocket knife I have, and I have several.

5 Tight Movment Tim - FEB 27, 2012

One of the best designs I have seen!!!!!

The swing mechanism is a little too tight and take effort to open with one hand, but hope that over time it will loosen with use.

4 I like it Geoff - FEB 11, 2012

Just bought this knife the other day and I have to say, it's one of the better knives I own. The lock mechanism on it is a little different than I'm used to, but not bad. Sturdy and well built all around, though I expected as much from Gerber. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a small, easy to carry folder.

5 Your Title Jerry P - JAN 22, 2012

My brother gave me this knife for Christmas of 2011. I love it and Ithink the whole world should own one! Go get one you'll be glad you did!

5 Works good Marcus - JAN 15, 2012

I got the gerber remix for my birthday personally I have used this in rain snow and I used it to help me build a survival shelter

4 Mason Devin Holloway - JAN 1, 2012

I had the version with the lock release at the top of the handle, which I prefer, but we'll see how this one holds out (had to toss the other one when I forgot to leave it at home before flying). Other than that, it has been to now an awesome blade, and sharpens easily with a German steel round sharpener.

3 Your Title Andy - DEC 26, 2011

The clip was loose right out of the box and the mini Torx screws that were holding it on appeared to be cross threaded. It was actually on the verge of falling off. I didn't have a Torx bit small enough to try and tighten them. The knife seems to be OK but I was immediately put off by the loose clip. It wasn't worth the hassle to take it back to Cabelas which was over 2 hours away and I had already lost my receipt. I simply bought another knife from another manufacturer.

3 Walmart ZMS Matt Dillon II - DEC 22, 2011

Great blade and very comfortable grip. Needs sharpening regularly but has yet to break or anything despite what I put it through

3 alright eli - DEC 18, 2011

the knife is too tight and is easily scratched , the blade turns dull after a week and always need special sharpener to keep it sharp

4 Pretty Good Jeremy - NOV 1, 2011

Durability is good. Bent the clip, but it was easy to remove and straighten. I carry and use my knife every day. It is a tool and holds up well. The knife holds an edge.
My only gripe is it is too tight to open one handed, and requires a special tool (th

1 unhappy Andy Paulson - OCT 24, 2011

Very disapointed! belt clip broke then lock broke now the blade hyper extends and wiggles

5 Wonderful Josh Schroeder - OCT 21, 2011

I've had this knife for over a year and had no problems whatsoever. It may not be as bright and shiny as it once was, but it's still 100% functional and a great knife for clipping inside a boot or pocket.

2 Disgruntled Knife Purhaser Josh Clock - OCT 20, 2011

I bought this knife a few months back and it has already broken on me. Instead of locking when it's folded out, it looks as if a metal spur broke off and now it doesn't lock in place. Completely folded out, it now moves back and forth and has about a 1/4

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